Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer

I picked up these 3 beautiful colors from Ulta not too long ago.  Jaded, Celebutante, and Devious I believe are all new colors.  This is only the second time I bought Ulta polishes and this time I was impressed.  I definitley prefer the salon formual rather than the professional fomula.  This polish when on smooth and I have no problems with it.

Jaded is a pearly sage or celery green with subtle purple undertones.

Celebutante is a bright grape creme.

Devious is s stunning dark purple creme.


nihrida said...

Love the purple ones. Stunning!

PolishedPrude said...

I love them all! Jaded is lovely. I'm surprised it caught my eye over the purples.

AllYouDesire said...

Love the first one :)

Polish'd Cindy said...

Jaded is a great color and I am NOT a green polish, pearl or frost person!

Paige said...

Those are lovely!