Sunday, September 6, 2009

L.A. Girl Rock Star

I was really excited to try these polishes! I decided on 3 great colors with sparkle! There are 16 shades in this collection and I got mine online at Cherry Culture or you can them directly from L.A. Girl Cosmetics. First up is Party Animal The color rocks, but the polish, not so much. I had issues with this one. It seemed like it gelled in the bottle a little. It didn't go on thick, just weird. I had a really hard time getting it even and the first coat was super streaky. The second coat evened it out A LOT. But I still wasn't happy with they way my application went. It dried nicely and held up pretty well. I am going to try a few drops of thinner to see if maybe I got a bad seed. The color is to die for. It is a beautiful dark wine with a fine glitter of the same color, defiantly my favorite(minus the issues) of the 3. The picture doesn't show the glitter at all, but trust me it's there and it's really pretty :)

Addict is more of a berry color with sparkle

Rockstar is a black polish with purple sparkle. Sometimes it looks black and other times it looks dark purple.


Lucy said...

They all look pretty on you. Rockstar is my favorite. I bought the whole collection. They're my only L.A. Girl polishes. I haven't tried them yet. Hope my Party Animal isn't weird. I have polish thinner if I need it.

nailedmama said...

I really think I got a bad bottle of Party Animal. The others went on fine. These polishes have great staying power for only $4!