Friday, October 23, 2009


Happy Friday everyone!  What are you guys doing this weekend before Halloween?  I am finishing up costumes for the kids and going to 2 kids Halloween parties.  Well whatever you do, I hope it's great!

On to the polish...the other 3 Eyeko.  Each of these went on well.  The only problem I had was the awkwardness(had to look that word up wheew!) of the cap & brush mixed with the dark colors.  They were a little on the thin side, but dense enough with color that the second coat evened out any streaks.

Punk Polish is a bright hot pink creme

Saucy Red Polish is a fire engine red creme

Vamp Polish is as blue black as they come-great color!

I really like Eyeko polishes.  They are coming out with some new ones and they are on sale this weekend- check out their website, here, for all the info!


gildedangel said...

I love that red one!

Lucy said...

I like the Vamp polish. Looks like a shade I have but is getting dried up. Love all the shades on you.

Polish'd Cindy said...