Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Isla, Angel & Birthday Wishes!

First of all, I just read Mary's post at Body and Soul and it's our dear friend Lucy's birthday!  Happy Birthday lady!  Thank you for all of your honest and fabulous comments.  I really hope you have a GREAT day!

Since this week is turning into a Zoya week, here are 2 more for you, Isla and Angel.

Isla is a perfect rich, dark red shimmer.  It looks like a beautiful red glass Christmas tree bulb, you know th kind you always wanted to touch as a child.  I love this color!  It's stunning all by itself, but I can't wait to do some Konad over it!

Angel is a shimmery dusty pink with irredescence.  I am on a hunt right now for a baby pink pearl with a little shimmer or sparkle-no irredescence, any suggestions?  You kind of take your chances with color when ordering off the internet and this isn't what I wanted :(  It is pretty, though.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday and Happy Birthday Lucy!


gildedangel said...

Great swatches, what pretty colors!

Jodes said...

I love Isla what a perfect Christmassy colour. Can't wait to see what Konad you use. It'll look great.

Love your spooky background - fabulous


Polish'd Cindy said...


PolishPig said...

For a pink pearl without irridescence, how about Suzi and the Lifguard from OPI summer 09 collection?

I just found your blog, it's lovely!