Thursday, October 1, 2009


Just about the time you think the whole matte thing is over, out comes another collection.  This time Orly has come out with 3 matte polishes.  These 3 colors rock!  They aren't exactly matte, I would say they have more of a satin finish.  I got mine at Sallly's and they were $5.99 each. 

Purple Velvet is a hard color to descibe.  It is more of a dark mauve on the purple side rather than purple as the name suggests.  It has a very slight pearl to it.  I really like this one!

Blue Suede is super cool.  I love this color.  It is a medium dusty blue.

Matte Vinyl is black and it is the most matte out of the 3.  It dries to more of a really dark gunmetal, but it still is really awesome!

These polishes took longer to dry and matte up than the other mattes I've tried.  I really like this collection, what do you guys think?


gildedangel said...

Blue suede looks awesome!

Velvet said...

They all look gorgeous on the nail. Dang, I skipped going into Sally's this week. I'll have to make a trip in over the week end.

Polish'd Cindy said...

This is a great collection and I absolutely recommend it!

Lucy said...

I love all three. Especially the purple. How do they wear?