Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tag Picture, Tag You

I was tagged!  I've never done this before, so here it goes...

The talented Pam at Nail-E-Glance tagged me for this.  Here's the deal,
1.  Open your first photo folder
2.  Scroll down to the 10th photo
3.  Post that photo and story on your blog
4.  Tag 5 or more people

This is of my son Brody.  He is almost 3years old in this picture.  Brody is my wild child.  He is fearless and always into something. He has a huge heart and an old soul.  I do believe if these were real tools, he would have had the swing set taken apart. 

Thanks Pam for tagging me and I tag
Judy at Beauty Judy
Karen at Nail Na Nails
Nicole at Magic Maid
Danielle at The Diva's Polish
Kellie at Also Known As


Lucy said...

How cute. My cousin was like that. Find tools and he would take something apart. Today he's a grown man with a son of his own. Who like his Dad loves to take things apart. He also puts them back together. He does it right also. Amazes me!

kelliegonzo said...

cute pic! thanks for the tag sister! :) i've done it already but i appreciate ya thinkin of me.

beautyjudy said...

Thanks for tagging me! I will do this soon :) cute pic, by the way. And also - congrats on finding Hard Candy!!!

Polish'd Cindy said...

Thanks ladies! He's one of a kind, but aren't they all!