Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aromaleigh-A Mineral Make Up Wonderland

Happy Wednesday!  Today I have something non-nail related, but just as fabulous.  I have a stunning, sparkling find for you guys today.  In the past few weeks, I seemed to have replaced my nail polish addiction with a mineral make-up addiction.  This is not just any mineral make-up, it is Aromaleigh.  I am sure most of you have heard of Aromaleigh before, but I swear I must have been living under a rock for the last few years because I only recently discovered this gem.  I think I could go broke with all of the amazing and different color of eyeshadows.  Not to mention all of their choices for blush, foundation, concealer, lipstick, balm, tints, & cremes-oh my! 

My history with mineral make-up is well, I didn't like it.  All the swirling and tapping.  Not to mention it gets in every single nook and cranny on my face making me look years older than I am.  That's just the foundation, the eyeshadows never stay put.  Within an hour of doing my make up, the shadow disapears never to be seen again.  I have tried every nearly brand out there, big names, no names, name your own, and what was that- baby powder with glitter?  But then one day I was lurking around Fresco Phyrra, which a great place for make-up tips, tricks, and tutorials, and she was using Aromaleigh.  Once I hit the link, I was transported to a a mineral make-up wonderland.

I'm one of those one's that goes for the About Us button first and looks at the product next.  What I found was an amazing woman named Kristen.  She is a pioneer in the mineral make-up industry.  She's dedicated, positive, and honest.  I get the best vibe from reading her blog and her tweets.  Oh, and she finds the most amazing photographs.  Needless to say, I had to try her product.  I went the safe route and ordered samples.  There are over 400 eyeshadows to choose from, making for a pretty difficult decision.  They have matte, and shimmer, and frost, and glitter, and so on.  Once I finally decided on a few samples, upon check-out, I was asked for 3 more samples to try!  Customer service was fabulous.  I had my samples in 2 days.  When it said sample, I expected enough for 1, maybe 2 applications.  Wrong!  Aromaleigh samples are enough for several applications.  You definatly get to try them a bunch of times to see if the color is right for you.

What a beautiful assortment of eyeshadows!

Well, then I went back for more.  More eyeshadow samples, foundation samples, Eyeliner Sealant, and full size Moth.

My swatches aren't the best in the world, but I think they give you an idea of the colors and the beauty of Aromaleigh eyeshadow colors.
And I just can't stop, I ordered more on Saturday!

The shadows I've tried stay put!  I was leary about using them until I found a good primer, but I'm not one to wait.  To my delight, an hour later, I still had shadow on and several hours later, I still had shadow on and still no creasing!  And, I found the color that I have been searching for for a few years.  Mink Coat is a beautiful taupe-pink with shimmer and my next full size purchase.

The prices are really affordable and they always have great sales and discount codes.  Bottom line, I am in love with Aromaleigh.  Miss K has made me believer in mineral make-up.   So grab a cup of coffee (and your credit card) and check out Aromaleigh!


Lucy said...

I use mineral makeup. I really like it. I get the majority of my samples from TheSheSpace. Their makeup is highly pigmented. Loads of gorgeous shades.

Polish'd Cindy said...

Cool-I'll have to check it out!