Friday, November 20, 2009

Zoya-Free Shipping Today

I wanted to re-post this great deal from Zoya.  Today they are offering free shipping!  When does that happen?  Here is the link to all the details-Zoya Free Shipping.  I already placed my order.  Here are a few swatches to get you in the Zoya mood.  Have a great weekend!





Lucy said...

I saw that deal on Twitter. Fortunately there isn't anything that I want from Zoya. I ordered several times and I really loaded up. I just got my 3 free Zoya lip glosses the other day. I wish other companies would give out free things like Zoya!

Polish'd Cindy said...

Zoya is so good to us! I can always find something to get :) I did get a x-mas gift and a bottle of polish for a give-away I am going to have in a few weeks. So I am sharing this order with friends.

Brooke said...

Anastasia is beautiful!
and I agree - Zoya has some great offers if you watch for them.