Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Since today is the first day of Spring, I thought I would do a quick little post about springtime toes and feet.  I am so ready for flip flops and sandals!  Unfortunatly, I am one of those who really doesn't enjoy a pedicure.  It tickles, I sit there and mentally critique the poor manicurist, and I start tripping on sanitation.  It just is not relaxing at all for me.  So, my alternative is to do my own.  I just do a few basic steps, and I feel my feet are good to go!
1.  I use a pedicure file on rough heels.  It is the last thing I do before I get out of the shower, that way your feet are soft and it removes the dead skin, rather that tearing it off.  I usually do this 1-2 times a week.
**Do yourself a favor, go buy a new one.  Don't use the one that been sitting in you shower all winter.  It is now a bactera mess.  I like Sallys Heel to Toe Foot File.  You now have an excuse to go to Sally's!**
2.  Since I polish my toes about every 3 weeks during warmer months, I usually start with a clean, trimmed, nail.  If my cuticles need some help, I will use nippers where it's needed.
**This goes for all cuticles-be careful and don't nip too much.**
3.  Before I polish, I will take a fine grid buffer block and go over my toenails.  I get small ridges on my big toes, and it just smoothes it down a bit.
4.  Base Coat.  I either use CND Sticky or Zoya Anchor.  If you prefer a ridge filler, Zoya makes a great one and I also love Nail-Tek.
5.  Polish.  I am an anything goes on your toes girl, but you will usually see red on my toes.
6.  Top Coat.  Out the Door or Seche Vite are my staples.
7.  One other quick tip is if you get dry cracked feet, Aquaphor is an amazing product to try.  My whole life I have had dry feet and Aquaphor is the first product to help with that.

I hope this post inspired you to do your toes.  So, go get a new pedicure file and maybe even a new pair of flip flops!

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BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I did paint my toes and fingernails yesterday afternoon. To help soften cuticles, Sally Hansen has an excellent cuticle remover gel. I also recommend Avon's Foot Works Dual-Action Pedi Peel pads. They help soften cracked heels.