Tuesday, June 1, 2010

American Apparel

Happy June 1, 2010!  Can you believe the year is half over? Hope you all had a great weekend-mine was wonderful.  It finally reached 85 degrees!  We are usually well over 90 degrees by now.  We have had a very unusual spring and I am ready for the warm, sunny weather.  Anyways, I have some new polishes to share :)
American Apparel has come out with 5 new polishes and a base/top coat.  I have 4 of the polishes to show you guys, Butter, Summer Peach, L'Esprit, and Malibu Green.  I was very impressed with the AA polish that I tried in the past and I was really excited to try these new polishes.  I don't really like the Butter and Summer Peach.  They went on a little streaky, a little thick.  I am not a big fan of the pale cremes in the first place and I wish I had chose different colors.  On the other hand, L'Esprit and Malibu Green are wonderful!  They went on smooth and I just love these two colors.  You can find American Apparel polishes at their website or in their stores.  (oh gosh, my cuticles are awful!  Sorry!)

Butter is a pale yellow creme.

Summer Peach is a pale peach creme.

L'Esprit is a lilac creme, slightly on the grey side.

Malibu Green is my favorite of the 4.  It is a beautiful teal green creme.

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mandabear said...

I, too, have + love L'Esprit and Malibu Green!