Friday, June 4, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds

I've decided to start a new post here at Nail'd & Polish'd.  Nail polish is huge for me, but I love make-up, jewelry, lotions, fragrance, and all sorts of other things that make me a girlie girl.  So, I thought from time to time, I would do a post and share my favorites.  I hope you enjoy!

The first item that I want to share is my new obession-You Tube make-up videos!  I knew they existed, but now I am completely obsessed.  My favorite channel (I guess that's what it's called?) is kandeejohnson.  Kandee Johnson is simply amazing.  She is an awesome make-up artist and an overall inspiration.  Her videos are funny and entertaining.  She has the most amazing and positive outlook on life and living.  I now follwer her blog, on twitter, and facebook.  If you have not checked her out, you must!

I love etsy.  I love Day of the Dead, cherries, and skulls.  I found a great little store on there that has all of them!  Cherry Forever has great jewelry and hair accessories.  This is the Day of the Dead necklace I bought a little while back.

You can find her here.

Lastly, I have Zoya Hot Lips.  If you have not tried these, you really need to!  They are super glossy with a little pop of color.  I don't find them sticky at all and to me, sticky is icky.  These 2 colors are my favorites right now.  I have several of these, but Sorbet and Brody's Girl are perfect for this time of year.  Zoya Hot Lips can be found here.

Brody's Girl & Sorbet

Sorbet is a pale orange or peachy color with a fine dusting of shimmer.  Brody's Girl is a coral creme.  When I saw Brody's Girl, I HAD to have it!  My youngest son's name is Brody. 

Hope you enjoyed todays Fabulous Friday Finds!  Have a great weekend! 

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