Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lace Nails

Remember a couple of months ago when lace nails were all the rage?  Well, I got all of the stuff to do them and this is how they turned out!

I used black lace from the fabric store and China Glaze~Something Sweet.  I love the way the lace looks.  I think it is pretty and girly and naughty all at the same time.  I love pink and black together and I think this turned out really pretty.  However, as much as I love the way it looks, I probably will never do this again.  It took forever to cut out the lace so that it would fit each nail just so.  Plus, since I used gel as my top coat, I couldn't stand the way it made my nails feel.  It also made for some very thick nails.
Here is my step by step to lace nails:
1.  Cut lace to the shape of your nail.
2.  Paint nails and let them dry completely.
3.  Using a brush on glue, brush the glue on top of the painted nail.  I did one nail at a time.
4.  Place the lace over the nail.
5.  Brush one more coat of glue over the lace and press down where the lace may be lifting.  I usd an orangewood stick to press the lifting spots.  Be careful not glue the orangewood stick to your nail!
6.  One you have glued the lace down, seal it.  I used gel(2 coats) and a UV light.  I don't know how well it would turn out with just top coat.

Next time, I'll try my Konad plate M71, M39, or M70.
What do you guys think?


Taki J said...

This is pretty neat. How long did it take from start to finish?

Jackie S. said...

What kind of glue did you use? a nail glue?

Musicalhouses said...

That's actually much better than my attempt! I tried doing that, and just made a mess. After 2 fingers I gave up LOL.

Polish'd Cindy said...

Thanks ladies!
Taki J it took me forever! I cut out the lace the night before.(30-45 min) Painted one coat of polish and let that dry(30 mins). Glued and re-trimmed(45-60 min) 2 coats of gel(1 hour)

Jackie S. I used ibd brush on glue and I got it at Sally's Beauty Supply

Danielle said...

very cool :) an easier way of doing this could be with using the Konad stamp with the fishnet full nail pattern. you can also stamp other flower patterns under the fishnet one to get the lace look :)