Thursday, August 12, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Wild & Warm, Fall 2010 Collection

The fall collections are coming out in full force right now and today, I have Diamond Cosmetics fall collection for you!  The Wild & Warm collection consists of 5 classic cremes.  Before I show you the polish, you might notice something different about my nails in these pictures.  I had to use some Kiss press on nails.  I had 2 really bad breaks last week and they are taking their own sweet time about growing out.  But I couldn't wait any more!  You need to see these colors!

Sunset in Sedona is a warm burnt orange creme.  It is definitley says fall.

Classic Pink is a sheer pink creme.  I love a great sheer pink.  I think it's classy and timeless.

Private School Girl is a beautiful cherry red creme.  I love the name! 

It's Nothing to Wine About is a deep wine creme.

And, my favorite, Under the Willow Tree.  This color is gorgeous!  It is a dark evergreen creme.


Inside with a flash

And, my poor broken nails :(

Diamond Cosmetic polishes are a steal at $2.25.  Get on over there and get some polish!

**These polishes were sent to me for review**


CucumPear said...

I adore Under the Willow Tree, it looks gorgeous. And though I don't usually care much for pale pinks, Classic Pink is surprisingly pretty.

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Alexa1202 said...

Under the willow tree is amazing!! I love dark colors!

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Aurora's Nails said...

Sunset in Sedona OMG! I have been looking for one just like that!

Lois said...

I love all of these!
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