Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sophie Lancaster

I am back!  Sorry I've been missing the last week or so, but the kids started school last week and then we went on a little vacation.

Today I have something very important to share with you.  Last year, shortly after I started this blog, I learned the story of a very special woman.  Her name is Sophie Lancaster and for some reason, her story has touched my heart and sometimes haunts me.  I feel everyone should know about her and her tragic death.  A lot of my firends are punks and goths and they face stares, prejudices, and violence every day.  No one should be judged in any way for how they look whether it be the color of their skin, the height of their mohawk, the patches on their jacket, or the clothes they wear.  I hope you take a few minutes and watch these two videos and learn that out of a sensless tragedy, the Sophie Lancaster Foundation was born.


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