Thursday, September 30, 2010


Disclaimer:  Prepare to be razzle dazzled!

The Burlesque collection by OPI has to be the most talked about upcoming collection to come out since I started Nail'd & Polish'd over a year ago.  I have been hearing about it, probably since late June.  So when I called my favorite beauty supply and they said it was in, I hot footed it over there! 

The Burlesque collection is made up of 6 glitters and 6 shimmers.  This is OPI's Holiday 2010 collection and I believe it will be available towards the end of October, but, check Transdesign.  The glitters are a must!  The shimmers on the other hand looked a little too frosty for me, but I did pick up a couple to show you.  I have so many plans for these glitters, hopefully you won't get tired of seeing all of my comparisons :)  Today I have Sparkle-icious and Extra-va-vaganza!

Sparkle-icious is simply stunning!  It has every color of the rainbow in glitter in a clear base.
1 coat of Sparkle-icious

2 coats of Sparkle-icious

Extra-va-vaganza!!  I love orange glitter!  This is a beautiful orange, gold, and coppery glitter party in a sheer orange base.  Perfect for Halloween and Halloween nail art-can't you just see spiders and webs on top of this orange goodness?

1 coat of Extra-va-vaganza!

2 coats of Extra-va-vaganza!


KarenD said...

Thanks for the swatches! I've bought so much polish the last couple months that I'm waiting on these, hoping swatches will help me figure out which ones I should add to my collection.

tasha~ said...

Hmmm interesting! I cant wait to see them all!

The "E" Girl said...

I'm so glad to see someone posting a swatch off this OPI line because I ordered a display of it for my upcoming trade shows out of a catalog not really knowing what to expect. I just figured it's OPI so it has to be pretty good with the holidays coming.

Thanks!! :)

Tessa said...

I like it! Even though it's sheer.. :)

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