Monday, February 21, 2011

Deborah Lippmann, Three for Three!

Deborah Lippmann has done it again, not once but three times!  Every year I love watching the awards shows and the color of the stars nails is becoming just as important as how or what they are wearing.  Deborah Lippmann is always right there with the perfecr color for the perfect dress.  Let's start with The Golden Globes.

Anne Hathaway looked amazing in this pink Armani Prive gown.  The gown had gorgeous iridescent sequins and Swarovski crystals.  The nail polish she wore was Deborah Lippmann's~I Dreamed of You.  I Dreamed of You is a beautiful sheer mutted pink with an opalescent cast to it.  It was topped off with Deborah Lippmann's Addicted to Speed top coat.

I was lucky enough to be sent I Dreamed of You and the Addicted to Speed top coat.  I am a huge Deborah Lippmann fan, and this polish was just as I expected-perfect. 

Next came the SAG awards and once again, beautiful nails to go with beautiful gowns.  Jennifer Lawrence wore an amazing hot pink Oscar De La Renta gown with a black bow/belt.  The polish that she wore was Hit Me With Your Best Shot.  I love this color!  It is a stunning gun metal grey with just a pop of shimmer.

You can check out my Hit Me With Your Best Shot post here.

Lastly, for now, The Grammys.  As I am sure you have seen this Lady Gaga picture and read here and there about the most anticipated color of the year, I bring Yellow Brick Road. 

Yellow Brick Road was chose to complement Lady Gaga's yellow outfit she wore during her Grammy performance.  This color is so cool!  I can not wait to see it in person and I think it is going to be the hottest color this Spring and Summer.  This beauty will be available April 15th at  

Well, there is one more awards show left, this Sunday's Oscars is the Big Daddy and I can't wait until Sunday to see what Deborah Lippmann has for us to enjoy! 

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