Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Milani glitters are super hot and even a challenge to find.  I lucked out a while back and picked these bedazzlers up at CVS.

Gems is from the Milani Jewel FX collection and it is awesome!  It is a mulit color and multi sized glitter fiesta.  This is two coats.

Silver Dazzle is from Milani's One Coat Glitter Collection.  It is a dark grey glitter.  I love this color!  I only picked this one up and I am so sad because my CVS has not replenished their Milani stock.  I reall want the purple, blue & red glitters!  You can NEVER have too many glitter polishes, right?

How has your luck been with these? 


Ashley A. said...

I want the silver hex glitter, but no one around here stocks it! :(

KarenD said...

I love these! I did have to order the silver hex online since no stores around here have it. The red one-coat glitter is hard to find as well but fortunately I grabbed that from the special display that was out when they were first released.

Polish'd Cindy said...

I read somewhere that these are going to be part of the permanent collection, but I have yet to find any of these polishes again. fingers crossed :)