Friday, August 26, 2011

Hard To Find Friday

Happy Friday and welcome to my new idea to change things up a bit here on Nail'd & Polish'd.  Have you ever seen the the letters HTF?  Well, in the nail polish world they stand for Hard To Find.  I thought I would start a once-in-awhile Friday post called Hard To Find Friday and share all my nail polish treasures.  This won't be a weekly thing since I don't have that many.  But hopefully I can get some of my fellow bloggers to help me out.  I thought this might be a good resource in case you are ever out shopping and come across a HTF.  First up my small China Glaze OMG collection!

In 2008 China Glaze released one their most coveted collections called the OMG! collection.  12 stunning holos with cute little names like QT, L8R G8R, & OMG.  China Glaze can do holographic colors.  Don't let the Tronica collection fool you, take a look at these.





~L8R G8R~

Gorgeous!  These are avaiable on Ebay, for refty price tags.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Hunter87 said...

Those are some very pretty colors!

Manicured Monkey said...

beautiful! they should do a special anniversary edition re-release. /dreaming

Nicole said...

Gorgeous! *drools* I wish I'd nabbed these while they were still cheap!

Jenna said...

awesome :D 2nite is my fave

Polish'd Cindy said...

Aren't they pretty? I will I had the whole collection. Luckily we have Glitter Gal that makes amazing holo's :)

CG just needs to release these again-they know we all want them!