Thursday, September 1, 2011


Happy September!  Wasn't is just May?  With summer winding down, I thought I had better swatch the Summer Collection from Zoya that has been sitting under my desk for months.  Summertime and Sunshine are the two collections that Zoya launched a few months back.  Summertime is a set of 6 beautiful creams and in Sunshine, are the 6 sparklies.  Today I have a few Summertime polishs to show you.

Breezi is a beautiful bright mid-tone, blue creme.

Kieko is a warm purple cream.  Wouldn't this be pretty with a duo chrome finish?  I think so.

Sookie, well I bought Sookie for the name.  It is a red creme and I really don't need another red creme.  But, I love True Blood!
It thought this was a pretty collection, nothing too spectacular or that I haven't seen before.  These are available at and they retail for $8.  Thanks for looking!

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Connie said...

Pretty summer colors, I'll be missing them soon especially in the dead of winter when its dark and dreary outside, may have to pull a summery color out and use it then.