Friday, November 18, 2011

And the Soulstice Winner Is...

I am sorry I didn't announce this yesterday, but my husband had surgery (finally) on his broken ankle today.  Between traveling 100 miles for the surgery last night and parent-teacher conferences at my kids school, it just didn't happen.  Anyways, we have a winner!

Sarah at Starlight Radiance you won the 5 piece, Fall 2011 Collection by Soulstice!  I have sent an email and if for some reason, I don't hear from Sarah, I will pick another winner.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and welcome to the new followers!  You guys are the best!


Sarah said...

Ah dang! At first I saw the name and was so excited, then I saw the blog wasn't mine. lol.

Congrats to the winner anyways! :)

Guy Polish (Jim) said...

I hope your husband is doing good. Ankle injuries can be tricky.

Sarah at Starlight Radiance said...

I'm so excited, especially because I haven't gotten to try Soulstice before. :D

And Sarah, that has definitely happened to me before. Maybe it's my turn next when you win something. :D