Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Zoya~Fleck Effect

Don't adjust the device you are viewing this on... it is me, Cindy and I am actually posting!  Life has consumed me lately and I apologize for my lack if posts and all around involvment in the nail polish and blogging world. I thought this post was perfect, since I feel like a total flake lately,  Zoya's amazing Flakies!!!  Fleck Effect from Zoya is 3 seriously flaky, and I mean that in a very good way, amazing polishes!  The Fleck Effects collection can be worn alone or over your favorite polish to give it a different look. 

Chloe is a pretty pink base with iridescent green and gold mylar flecks.

Opal is a sea foam green with iridescent green mylar flecks.

Maisie is a bright blue with iridescent green mylar fleckes.

Shortly after I swatched these pretties, I cut my finger pretty good.  So I will spare you the nastiness of my poor cut finger and show you how amazing the Fleck Effects are layered over other polishes.  Behold, the polish wheel.

How are you all enjoying Zoya's beautiful Fleck Effect?

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