Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bye Bye Acrylics

About 5 months ago, I got acrylics and about 6 weeks ago, I started doing them myself. I never was a fan and don't really know why I got them. My natural nails have always been healthy and easy for me to grow. But, I did it anyway. At first I really liked them. They were always 'done' and I didn't have to deal with chipping or breaking a nail. Plus the glitter tips were great fun! But they were fake and damaging. I don't care what a lot of manicurists say, in my opinion, acrylics are damaging. So, I went to the beauty supply and armed myself with Nail Tek and I spent a little over an hour this afternoon soaking and filing, soaking and filing,...over and over again. They are off and the feel good, somewhat free! VERY tender and dry, but free. Thus, starting my recovery from acrylics. I bought the Nail Tek Transition Kit which contains: Foundation II, II Intensive Therapy (for soft and peeling nails), & Renew(cuticle oil). I also bought III Protection Plus. I didn't follow Nail Tek's directions, they suggest growing the acrylic out until it is completely gone. But, I carefully soaked them off. I have never used Nail Tek, I always recommended Nailtiques to my clients when they took their acrylics off. So, we'll see how Nail Tek works and I'll post my results!

My nails look really bad, but they feel better than I thought. If you are thinking about removing your acrylics or gels, please be careful. You could really do some damage if you're not patient and careful.

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