Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wet n Wild

The first make-up I ever owned was Wet n Wild.  What pre-teen could pass up the .99 price tag and cool colors?  As I grew older, I still had a hard time passing up that .99 price and those cool colors.  While times have changed and the price has gone up of most of their line, Wet n Wild still offers great polish and make-up at an totally affordable price.  They've just came out with a bunch of new stuff that I am dying to try!

The 3 colors I have today are from their Craze Collection.  Cute little round bottles, the only problem I had was that the cap and brush were a little too short for me.  No biggy, just my preference.

Nocturnal is a super dark inky blue/black.  It is definatley blue, but very dark.  My favorite of the 3.

Inferno is a shimmery orange.  Almost a burnt orange.  I love this color for Halloween and PowerLifterChick did a really cool Konad with it you should check out at her fabulous blog, The Kronicles of a Konader

Glitz is a really sweet fushia disco ball glitter.


gildedangel said...

Nocturnal is perfect for fall/winter, it is such a vampy color!

PowerLifterChick said...

AWWW! Thanks!
I had NO CLUE Nocturnal was a blackened blue!!!! the light in the store musta been terrible, now I gotta get it!

you do fabulous swatches by the way!
wish mine turned out that nice!

Polish'd Cindy said...

Thanks ladies, it really is a great color for fall/winter.

I didn't know it was blue based until I went to swatch it. It looked dark purple in the store! And by the way, your swatches are perfect!

Lucy said...

I bought the whole collection. They are the first WetnWild polishes I've owned. I haven't tried them yet. I hope I can manage that brush. They both look gorgeous on you.

kelliegonzo said...

the orange is DIVINE!

Polish'd Cindy said...

These colors are great! My best advise is to be patient with the brush. It's a little cumbersome. Thanks!