Wednesday, November 4, 2009

China Glaze~For Audrey

Happy Wednesday!  I have a bunch of China Glaze that I swatched up yesterday and a few more to do today, so I hope you like China Glaze :)

This is China Glaze~For Audrey and judging by the name and color, this must be their ode to Tiffany & Co. 

This is a pretty light blue creme or a Tiffany blue.  This isn't a color I would were very often, but I sure do enjoy the pretties that come in the same colored box with a white bow!


gildedangel said...

I personally love this color and I am even wearing it now. Great swatch!

Jodes said...

This is one of my favourite polishes. I have 2 in my collection!


Polish'd Cindy said...

I'm sure it looks beautiful on both of you. I think I'll Konad it up! I see black flowers or white bows :)