Monday, February 1, 2010

BB Couture Part 1

Happy Monday & Happy February!  I have two polishes today from BB Couture.  BB Couture's polish is a "4 in 1" polish.  Meaning it's a basecoat, strengthener, polish, & top coat all in one.  This is my first experience with BB Couture, and I must say I didn't have any major problems with it.  I thought the formula was a bit thin, but it evened out with a second coat.  I am not a fan of the all in one polishes.  I swear by a good base coat.  Honestly, I expected these polishes to be thick and gloppy considering they are a 4 in 1, but they are not.

Opposites Attract is a great gray with a slight shimmer to it and every so often, you'll see a black glitter speck. This is a great color!  My favorite gray by far!
Opposites Attract

Tink Pink is a very sheer pink with tiny iridescent pieces of glitter.  I didn't expect this polish to be so sheer, I was hoping for a little more coverage in 2 coats. 
Tink Pink

BB Couture can be found here and the polish retails for $9.95 and the treatments for $11.95. 


gildedangel said...

That is a beautiful grey!

Polish'd Cindy said...

I agree! Thanks!