Thursday, April 1, 2010

Color Club~Rebel Debutante

Today I have the other 3 polishes from the Color Club Debutante set I found at Ross.  These 3 are my favorite of the set.  High Society, Ms Socialite, and Who Are You Wearing  are three beautiful cremes.  Out of all seven, these gave me the least amount of application trouble.

High Society is a great mushroomy, taupe creme.

Ms Sociaite is a pretty, bright plum creme.

I wanted Who Are You Wearing sooooo bad!  This color did not disappoint, either.  It is really hard to descibe this color.  It is a very light, pale, greyed lavendar creme.  I thought it was going to be whiter, but the touch of lavendar in it made it a great and very unique color.

I am glad I waited and was lucky enough to find this set at Ross.  The crazy thing about this set, was that it wasn't labeled with the polish names.  Guess that's why is was $7.99 at Ross :)


Alisa said...

I don't know what Ross is but I sure wish I had one near me!

R3Beauty said...

Love these on you! I too found this set at Ross! I grabbed some round sticker labels and labeled mine myself.

Erin said...

From what I know, Ross is owned by the same company that owns TJ Maxx (but don't quote me on it). I don't have a Ross where I live (darn), but I do have a TJ Maxx. :) I'll just keep my fingers crossed for some cool polishes!

Polish'd Cindy said...

I never seem to have very good luck at Ross, but I had a little bit that day!