Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hard Candy~Lava

What a gorgeous color I have for you today!  Lava by Hard Candy is a beautiful, sparkly, fiery orange glitter-rama!  The only bad part is my nails-uggg!  If you missed yesterdays post, the culprit is Walmart's blue nail polish remover-DON"T buy it.  Spend a few more dollars and get some Zoya Remove or OPI Expert Touch.  Anyways, back to this stunner of a nail polish :)


Jackie S. said...

So Walmart Polish remover, was the culprit! I use Sally's Brand remover and I really like it....I'll try Zoya next! I have this polish and I know how beautiful it is in person, gorgeous!

Nicole said...

I LOVE Lava, it's so gorgeous! Looks great on you. Doesn't it make you happy? And I feel you on those cheapies!

Polish'd Cindy said...

Jackie S-I used to use Sally's, maybe I should give that a try!
Nicole-this polish does make me happy. I have been really bummed that my nails looks so bad. I haven't wanted to post at all. But when I put this color on, my mood totally changed! Nail Polish Therapy-lol.