Friday, April 9, 2010


Before I start, I want to thank and more importantly, apologize to Nailene.  They were so nice to send me some awsome samples and I waited too long, in my opinion, to post about them.  They sent me Bedazzle Nail Art, Acrylic Strong Top Coat, Skinny French Tip Pen, and 2 sets of artificial nails. 

Since my nails are really short right now, I decided to try the French Tip~So Natural artificial nails.  The kit comes with 24 full nails, glue, a file, and a manicure stick.  These went on really easy and I have to admit I really like them.  I go back and forth on the whole "fake nail" thing.  I've had them and loved them and I've had them and hated them.  These are great for anyone trying to decide if acrylics are right for them.  I would also recommened these for proms, weddings and special occasions.  They feel really secure.  But, I did have one pop off earlier this morning, but I didn't use very much glue, so I'll blame my application for that.  Now, I ned to decide if I take them off, or keep them on...hmmm...

**Disclaimer:  These products were funished by Nailene for my review.

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jo.frougal said...

I'm not much into fake nails but yours look so good as to be worth a try, except they're not available where I live. ;)