Monday, December 6, 2010

Give Away & Happy Birthday to....

...ME!  Not only is today my birthday, I was actually born on a Monday, so today is a double great day!  And, I thought I would give one lucky person a wonderful bottle of Deborah Lippmann polish!  How does Lady Sings the Blues sound?  All you have to do is leave one comment with your email address in it.  You can enter from now until midnight tonight (12/6/10), pacific time.  This give away is open to everyone.  THIS IS A ONE DAY GIVE AWAY!  I will announce the winner tomorrow morning.

The rules are:
1.  Leave one comment with your email address in it.
2.  You must be a follwer through Goodle Friend Connect
3.  You must eat something sweet and yummy today!  I'm not really going to check, but today is my birthday and I say it's okay :)

Good Luck!


Gondor Tari said...

Happy birthday!!! Hope u have a great day!!!!

My gfc nick is Gondor Tari and my mail is


Jennifer said...

omg happy birthday to you :D have a great one <3!

i'm following on GFC as Jennifer.


thanks and have a blast! :D

fennelbat said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm going to eat a brownie for breakfast to celebrate :)

I follow via GFC as fennelbat and my email is fennelbat-at-gmail-dot-com

Lara said...

Happy birthday to you sweety! May you get loads of polishes hehe :)

My GFC is Lara and my email is


amanda said...

happy birthday! i would love to enter: hello [at] mandabear [dot] com

I ate a huge slice of red velvet cheesecake last night. hope that counts ;)

Smoochiefrog said...

I follow as Smoochiefrog.

smoochiefrog at comcast dot net

I'm working on the cake...we'll see if it happens.

Happy Birthday birthday buddy!

peripatetic33 said...

Happy Birthday
mmmmm sweet and yummy

ginnn7 said...

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for the giveaway

follow gfc ginnn7


Clau said...

happy birthday to you :D
i'm following on GFC as Claudia Mendonça

thanks, Xoxo***

myclumsyheart said...

Happy Birthday!! Thats a beautiful nail polish!
I follow you through GFC as myclumsyheart and my email is ltcorum[at]
I had waffles with Nutella on top for breakfast this morning... does that count as something sweet and yummy?!

Cyan said...

Happy Birthday! How sweet of you to give away a polish on your birthday!

I follow through GFC as Cyan.
Email: bluetapenails (at) gmail (dot) com

I'll be sure to have a sugar cookie to celebrate! Hope you enjoy your birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day!

GFC Follower: astraea1976
email: astraea1976 at aol dot com

Jackie S. said...

This one is SOOOOO on my X-mas list!

Happy Birthday to you!

I follow via GFC, Jackie S.


Patricia said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!

my gfc name is patricia my email is

Amberski said...

Happy Birthday!! I follow through GFC as Amberski.

DistantDreamer said...

Happy Birthday!!


glamgeekchic @ gmail dot com

Thanks! Have a fantastic birthday!!

Veronica said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy it =]

GFC: theVEROblog

email: theveroblog(at)gmail(dot)com

hmm...i think ill go have just a little (BIG) slice of red velvet cake!

Reiko said...

Happy birthday! I'll eat some chocolate for you!

My GFC name is Lisa and my email is lisa (dot) hesterberg (at) gmail (dot) com

Jennifer Leigh said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one!

My email:

CaitieRoo said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an awesome day!
I follow through GFC as CaitieRoo

Silverstargirl said...
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Jule said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! That is german and means Happy Birthday (:
I would love to win, please enter me.
Nice regards!

Allison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
laurav said...

Happy Birthday!!

GFC: laurav
email: lvonline at me dot com

Off to eat some cookies :)

Alexa1202 said...

Happy Birthday!!!

GFC: Alexa1202

LacquerSmack said...

Happy birthday!! Have a great day, and get lots of spiffy nail polishes. (;

My GFC is LacquerSmack and my email is

Thanks! And go partayyyyyy :)

C. said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day :)

Cookies are calling my name!


Kathleen said...

thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! Happy birthday :D

my GFC is knorris314 or Kathleen and my email is

Hope you have a good day! I'm going to go get some ice cream :)

Jette Fromm said...

OMG, this is one of my lemmings! What an amazing thing to do on your birthday - spreading happiness!

Happy Birthday, btw! May it bring you lots of joy and good times with loved ones :)

my email:
I follow through GFC as vettelicious

Girl_Virus said...

Happy birthday lovelyyyyy :D hope you have a good day :D
I'm following as Nikkib :D
my email is


kelliegonzo said...

i la la love you and happy birthday!

kelliegonzoblog at gmail dot com

Girl_Virus said...

Happy birthday lovelyyyyy :D
im following as Nikkib
my email is


*Fleur* said...

Happy Birthday! Please enter me - I follow via GFC and my email is fleurs dot nails at gmail dot com.

Please, don't make me eat sweets.. Nooo, I don't want to... No... Yes?... Maybe?... *off in search of chocolate* :)

Thifa said...

Happy birthday! I will soon start gobbling down chocolates! :D I hope you're having fun today!

I'd love to take part in the giveaway. I follow as Thifa

thifas blog ( at ) gmail(dot ) com

Freshie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!! I already ate coffee cake so that totally counts. I'm GFC follower "Freshie" and my email address is polishfreshie at aol dot com.


thegirlwithabow said...

Happy Birthday! :)

My GFC name is thegirlwithabow

Email: diana[at]thegirlwithabow[dot]com

I'm going to have some chocolate later on for you :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I'm actually baking peppermint chocolate cupcakes today! And my email is thepieboutique(at)gmail(dot)com. And my GFC is under Jen

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!
I follow through GFC- Amy
My email is abarker21(at)gmail(dot)com
I plan to eat pumpkin pie ice cream tonight!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! :D

And I already ate something sweet and yummy today: me and my classmated decided to make a small party to one of the professors, so we had tons of cake!

I'm a follower via GFC (user: kakau_karina) and my mail is kakau_karina(at)hotmail(dot)com

carinae said...

Happy birthday to you...

It's also my dad's birthday as well and I'm having a giveaway, too!

My dad is enjoying his birthday pumpkin pie...and I hope you get an awesome birthday cake/pie/cupcake, etc.

carinaeletoile at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy Birfday! :)


Sharon said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have an awesome day :).

I' follow you through gfc as Sharon
Email: polishinfatuated at gmail dot com

Thank you!

fisiwoman said...

Happy birthday!
I'm already a follower via GFC (fisiwoman)

Ana Belén R.M

MartianDelights said...

Happy Birthday !

Something yummy I ate in my own style was my porridge with kiwi fruit... tasted lovely but that's all I am allowed as I am on a diet... so if you eat lots of nice things for your birthday please think of me lol !

Following as MartianDelights.
Thanks for the giveaway!
Lorraine x
Martiandelights at

Sterling said...

lol Happy Birthday! I just got done with a horrible Final so something sweet sounds really good right about now! Email is DemonAyres-at-Juno-dot-Com. Cheers!

Justine said...

I follow through GFC with my GMail address and can also be reached at extemter at hotmail dot com. I ate homemade cardamom carrot cake today. Want a slice? :)

Happy birthday!

TrollopCM said...

Happppyy BIRTHDAY!!!!

my gfc is trollopCM

LJ said...

Happy Birthday!
I ate a York Peppermint Pattie today for lunch
lauraebier at gmail dot com

Camelia Andrasescu said...

I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
I eat some M&M!
Nice giveaway,thank you!

Penny said...

Happy birthday!

Millie said...

Happy B'day! Hope you have a lovely day. Would love to enter since I don't have any of these gorgeous polishes. GFC Millie
snowleopard_al AT hotmail DOT com

Nicole said...

Not entering, just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Chantal said...

Happy B-Day!

I'm a GFC follower as Chantal and my email is glitterkitten at hellokitty dot com.

kit_kat_74 said...

Happy birthday! I follow via GFC as mrgee, and my email is kit_kat_74(at)hotmail(dot)com
...I ate a Reese's peanut butter cup today and although it wasn't birthday cake, it was still pretty freakin' good. :)

Michaela said...

i'm a new follower.. i hope you have a fabulous birthday! my GFC name is Michaela and my email is MLS11487 at gmail dot com

i havent had any yummy sweet treats today but i am going to make chip dip in awhile for monday night football!

Twister said...

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy birthday dear Nail'd & Polish'd happy birthday to you

I follow via GFC as Twister

Savvy said...

Happy birthday! Hope your day is lovely!

I follow via GFC as Savvy

savannahstasher27 at msn dot com

Frankenstyna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I just did a post today comparing Deborah Lippmann's "Happy Birthday" to Milani's "Gems"!

I am a follow on GFC and my email is

I had a Oreo Klondike bar for dessert!

I hope your day is as bright and nice as the "Happy Birthday" nail polish!! ;)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you ate something sweet and yummy! ☺ walkerjs7920(at)gmail[dot]com

Original_Wacky said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It's also my daughter's birthday, so you can bet I'm eating sweets all day!

I follow as Wacky Original, and my email is

Tiphanie said...

Happy birthday!!

My email is

rijaH said...

Haha happy birthday then ;D I ate some yummy M&M's

I am a GFC follower and my email is :)))

Hope you have a great day <3

omgnoodles said...

Happy birthday :) Hope you had a wonderful one!

For sweets, I had a mini custard bread. Yum!

My GFC name is omgnoodles & my email is omgoshnoodles[@]

I'm a recent follower btw, & I love your nails so far! This giveaway is so great! I think I'm going to use this idea for my upcoming birthday ^___^

Polish Pauper said...

Happy Birthday! I can not believe how many of us sags are polish bloggers!

Janna said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

nail crazy said...

Happy birthday!!!
I'd like to enter :-)
I follow via gfc as nail crazy,
email is

MissMidnightBlue said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (not entering as you can see lol)