Monday, January 10, 2011

Milani-Random Blues

Happy Monday.  Today is officially the coldest day ever!  It was 29 degrees this morning.  Now, I know that it gets colder in other places, but I live in California-isn't it always sunny and warm? :)
Anyways, today I have 2 blue Milani's to show you.  I picked these up months ago at CVS and thought I better get them swatched-so here they are.

Dude Blue is a neon blue.  It's a really pretty bright blue creme.  It actually is a bit darker in person, than how it photographed.

Midnight Satin is a must have for anyone who loves deep, dark, blue polish.  It is a stunning lit from with-in blue!  I had my doubts when I first started.  It applied very sheer and watery on the first coat, but the second coat transformed it into this:

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MissMidnightBlue said...

Wow Midnight Satin is beautiful!