Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nail Fraud, Day 2 Comparison

Day 2 in my nail strips/appliques/stickers comparison is from Nail Fraud.  Way, way, way back in November, 2010, Nail Fraud had a Twitter giveaway for Oprah's Favorite Things/Christmas Show and I won!  When my Nail Fraud strips arrived, I was so excited because they were absolutely they cutes leopard pattern!  The name of this design is Wild Thing.  Nail Fraud is web-based company that you can find here and they have dozens of solids, crackle, and patterned strips.  They even have pedi-strips!  Their website was not working for me when I was typing this up, so the prices may be different from my notes, but the strips I have retail(retailed) for $12. 

Day 1, Application.  Nail Fraud strips come in 20 strips with 10 different sizes.  I love that there are so many sizes to choose from.  These went on super easy.  They were thin and shiny. 

 Day 1

Day 3.  Sadly, they didn't hold up all that well.  For $12 plus shipping, I would expect to get at least 3 good days out of them and as you can see, I didn't.

 Day 3

Day 3

This really bums me out!  Nail Fraud has the cutest designs and a generous amount of strips in each package, but they just didn't hold up for me at all.


KarenD said...

Wow, that is some wicked tip wear. I've worn SH strips for over a week that didn't look that worn. Wonder if adding a top coat would help--though that sort of defeats the purpose of using the strips, at least for me, since I like them because I can put them on in same room as Mr. Sensitive Nose that I'm married to. :)

Polish'd Cindy said...

I know! I wanted these to be awsome and last for several day sooo bad!

Shannara said...

They looked so beautiful, what a pity

Polish Vixen Marisa said...

Too bad they didn't last! I think these ones are cute! XOXO

Asuka said...

thanks for the review, I was thinking about purchasing them myself but now I don't want to anymore, it sucks that they wear of so much =( though they look really great!