Monday, October 3, 2011

Sally Hansen~Salon Effects, Day 1 Comparison

Nail strips/appliques/stickers or whatever else they go by, are quite popular and for the most part an awesome alternative to painting your nails.  There are many different types and brands out on the market, and I decided to test a few of them out.  Way, way back in April 2011, I started a test.  I had four different brands of nail polish strips/appliques/stickers.  I thought that I would test all four and post on what I found.  I am going to post in each one individually and then on Friday, I will compare and let you know my choice for the best of the four.  Luckily, I took very good notes and can't wait to hear what you guys think!

First up is Sally Hansen~Salon Effects in Booty Camp.  These are so cute!  Pink camo!   In the box of Salon Effects are 16, individual strips in 8 different sizes, a cuticle stick and a mini file/buffer.  I got these at Ulta and they were $9.99, but I saw them at my local Walmart for $8.50.  These are pretty easy to find and if you have a coupon or find them on sale, they can be a bargain.  The core line is 24 shades that include several adorable designs.  Oh, and the Halloween ones, are a must!  I did a full, three day test and here are my results for Sally Hansen~Salon Effects. 

Day 1~Application.  The Application went  really well and it only took me a couple of nails before I got the hang of it.  I only had to trim 2 of the nails to fit.  Then I realized I could have turned the strip around and use the other end.  One of the things I really liked about these strips was that they stretched just enough to be able to pull it down over the free edge and seal it down tight to your nail.

 Day 1

I was amazed at how well these held up.  I easily could have left these on for several days.  The only thing I noticed was a slight shrinking of a few of the nails.
 Day 3
Day 3

I must say these are amazing and super cute!  Well worth the money.  Have you tried these yet?


Barilla said...

I really love these. They're a bit pricey to use very often, but they're great for vacations or hectic times when you're just not going to be able to maintain a mani.

Can't wait till I go on a cruise at the end of this month so I can try another design!

Hunter87 said...

Have you seen the Halloween nail strip they are so cute. I really like this Sally Hansen polish strip.

Polish'd Cindy said...

Hi Barilla, I agree. Have an awesome cruise!

kellie said...

I LOVE these!! I love that I can stretch them a bit to fit exactly on my nail. I love that, because my nails are so tiny, I can cut them in half and get twice the manis out of them. <-- That alone makes them worth it for me. I love that I can put top coat on them and they last a week - and even then, it's only because I'm bored not because they're chipping or peeling off. I love all the designs. They're AWESOME!

pearlsandpolish said...

I love these! I'm a bit impatient when it comes to allowing polish to dry so if I'm in a hurry to go somewhere or know that I don't want to take the time for drying I apply these. I always have a stash in a variety of colors/patterns just in case!